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About Susan A. Davis

Susan A. Davis has been doing paintings and drawings in various media, including notably oil, pastel, R&F handmade pigment sticks and watercolor, since the early seventies.  At that time, while pursuing art history, she studied drawing with with Lloyd McNeill, painting with Leon Golub, and printmaking with Steve Procuniar at Livingston College, Rutgers University. Susan also spent a year in Europe, immersing herself in watercolor, printmaking and figure drawing at the Kunstgewerbeschule in Bern, Switzerland.  She found an opportunity for further studies in feminist art with Lawrence Alloway and printmaking with Mavis Pusey at Stony Brook University in the mid-seventies, where she experimented with various graphic media, including blueprints, spray paint, and graphite combined on rice paper.  Her work is focused on abstract forms exploring color, texture and depth, roughly in the tradition of color field painting from the late fifties and sixties.

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